I get asked all sorts of questions. Usually, they’re from folks who really don’t understand what I do. Explaining that typically generates even more questions! I can generally roll them up into the following:

So, you’re an architect? Like in buildings?

No, I don’t design buildings. However, I do design data storage systems, databases, and data warehouses. I also design processes and procedures related to the use of data storage, analytics, and reporting. The primary vertical market I work in is healthcare.

Do you live in an RV? As in, full-time? How does that work?

Yes, my wife and I did live in our RV full-time with a dog and a cat during the last part of 2018, all of 2019, and the beginning part of 2020. It actually worked quite well! While we have since sold that particular RV (a fifth-wheel trailer), we now have a motorhome. However, I do not know if we will live in one full-time again.

What kind of presentations do you give?

While the majority of my presentations are centered around database design and development, I also give presentations on professional development — even a presentation on how to give presentations!

Are you really a doctor?

Yes, I do hold a degree as a Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA). While most people are familiar with MD (Medical Doctor) or PhD (Philosophy Doctor), many do not know about other types of doctorate degrees. DHA is known as a professional doctorate and it is similar to DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) with a particular focus on healthcare and leadership.