Operational Data Store (ODS)

Enterprise Data Architect, Senior Manager

Continued services previously performed as a consultant by integrating additional claim (Medicare/Medicaid) and clinical systems into the operational data store (ODS). Architect and development team manager for various projects:

  • Repository for the storage of 20 years of data from a major clinical system that was discontinued.
  • Comprehensive management system for Healthcare Organizations, Facilities, and Professionals.
  • Various Health Risk Assessments, Problem Goals and Actions, and Risk Mitigation.
  • Supported various healthcare analytics initiatives through data architecture designs and acquisition methods.

Missionary Data Warehouse

Senior BI Engineer

Engaged in various BI data warehouse projects for the missionary department which included prescriptive and predictive analytics, forecasting, reports, and dashboards.

Operational Data Store (ODS)

Enterprise Data Architect

Designed an operational data store (ODS) for Healthfirst, Inc. with PostgreSQL (AWS). Mapped data from multiple disparate sources for claim authorizations to be homogenized into a single repository for reporting and analytics.

  • Maintained data model in ER/Studio for conceptual, logical, physical, and staging environments.
  • Guided ETL developers, performed data profiling and conducted various QA validations.

HC Standard

Senior Data Architect

Primary data architect for flagship application, HC Standard™ to support information sharing between healthcare workers, providers, and first responders, primarily in crisis situations and mass casualty events.

  • Improved and streamlined system to ensure flexibility for continued growth.
  • Optimized database architecture and dynamic T-SQL generation procedures to improve response time.
  • Reduced database query time and report generation an average of 98%.

Clinical Quality Measures for Registries

Senior Data Architect

Designed data model, processes, and procedures to perform Clinical Quality Measures against data from disease, surgical, and other healthcare registries. Collaborated and provided strategic advice in converting registry specific survey responses to usable clinical data for other measures.

  • Reduced volume of data used in processing by 66% and reduced overall processing time by 75%.
  • Created improvements and new features to Clinical Quality Measure engine to better track health analytics.

Healthcare Analytics

Senior BI Solutions Architect

Designed solutions to replace aging data systems which encompassed multiple departments and functions. Oversaw an upgrade to a process which identified, prevented, and recovered from incorrect or fraudulent billing practices. Improvements reduced analytics execution time an average of 75%.


Senior Data Architect, Team Leader

Architect and development manager for industry’s first dynamic Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) calculation engine. A measure editor allowed non-programmers to create measure definitions, compile and execute them. Successfully implemented on SQL Server in a cloud environment as well as on on-premises Netezza.

  • Designed the architecture, the complex logic, the measure specification format, the compiler, and the editor
  • Reduced measure development time by 85% (previously a 6-month manual process per measure)
  • Support for numerous measure programs (e.g., NQF, CQM, PQRS, HEDIS, Stars, CMS Utilization, etc.)
  • Measure specification format allowed for custom measures to support various healthcare analytics
  • Allowed hospitals to report measure results to meet CMS requirements and receive incentive payments
  • System calculated 40+ measures for 70+ hospitals (a total of about 1 million patients) in about an hour

Quality Health First®

Senior Data Architect, Team Leader

Architect and development manager for the Quality Health First® program which was a Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) project that focused on using preventative measures to reduce healthcare costs and to improve overall patient health care. Large amounts of clinical and claims data were aggregated from numerous sources.

  • Designed the architecture and developed procedures that involved complex logic
  • Managed development team from project inception through post-implementation
  • Defined standards for development and documentation as well as ensured that they were followed
  • Orchestrated clinical and claims data ingestion via HL7 from various sources into a clinical repository
  • Designed analytics that compared provider performance based upon patient metrics against the community
  • System calculated 40 measures for 2.5 million patients in 45 minutes vs. competitor (75k patients in 8 hours)
  • Served as a member of the Measures Committee with doctors and administrators from participating organizations